We are offering full range of maintenance services.

If you are looking for answers for following questions:

  • Does my system has proper maintenance?
  • My servers are well maintain?
  • All the patches are installed?
  • Am I complaint with newest security requirement?

We are able to audit and fully support your:

soCloudIT will provide well designed maintenance model based on deep analysis which can be utilized according to your needs. We can offer monthly or adhoc  service. 

On top of above we are offering preparation of:

  • backup and restore polices
  • disaster recovery architecture 

Maintenance is very important for any business, each company should maintain theirs servers and systems. Only this way, will be able to secure again hackers, viruses, exploits or any other thereat that might destroy what has been built over lifetime. Keeping servers or software on proper level and making sure that newest versions are installed is only way to make sure that all known vulnerabilities are patched.

Remember its better to prevent than cure therefor contact us today.